4 Things You Should Never Do To Your Car

This guide provides all the information regarding things that are a major DON’T when it comes to your car. Most machines used in today’s world require humans to run them, but sometimes because of inexperience and the know-how of the machine, we’re not able to keep that very machine in good shape.

Cars we use in our daily lives are also machines that require proper care and maintenance in order to have a long-lasting life. Even a little carelessness may lead to costly replacements and repairs.

So here is a list of things you need to avoid doing to your car.

  1. Never Jump Start Your Car Backwards

Batteries in our vehicles contain two terminals. A positive terminal, denoted by “+’’ and a negative terminal, denoted by “- “. For the circuit to complete and function properly, you need to attach the positive cable to the positive terminal of the battery and negative cable to the negative terminal of the battery. In this way, you will successfully jump start your car.

If these cables are attached to the opposite terminals, it may lead to short circuit, and you may end up with a damaged car ECU and alternator which costs a lot to replace.

  1. Starting a Car with No Petrol i.e. empty tank

If your car is running low on petrol and your fuel gauge is showing no indication of petrol what so ever, stop the engine of your car right away. Refuel it and then start the engine. Because if there is no petrol and you keep trying to crank the engine, the fuel pump that is submerged in the petrol tank would suck air and would burn itself up. Also, according to a research, you should not allow your car to run out of fuel completely because if you do, you can damage the catalytic converter as well which later on will require repairs or replacement.

  1. No Lubrication

Machines have moving parts in it. These moving parts can produce heat and wear off with time, so in order to reduce temperature and wear and tear, you need to lubricate them once in a while. Vehicles also have such moving parts, so they also require a certain type of lubrication known as Mobile or Motor Oil. It is even more important these days because modern vehicles have Variable Valve Timing i.e. VVTi in their engines. VVTi engines have more small holes and hence require more lubrication than a normal engine.

Oil change is necessary after each 3000-4000miles. Though various companies have different ranges, it is better to change it more frequently to keep things safe and sound.

When buying Mobile Oil, always buy Fully Synthetic Mobile /Motor Oil for your car. Use of Non-Synthetic Mobile Oil produces carbon residue and may cause your engine to heat up often which may lead to damaged car parts.

  1. No Coolant Change

There is a system in a car called cooling system. It contains a fluid that circulates in car’s engine to drop the high temperatures and keep the engine from overheating. Also, modern engines have a lot of parts made up of aluminum and since aluminum corrodes very quickly the coolant needs to be anticorrosive as well. That is why it is advised not to use water as a coolant since it corrodes the internal parts. Always use Anti-Freeze type coolants which offer up to 5 years. It is advised to change your coolant after each 3 years to keep your vehicle up and running.

So now you know what things you are not allowed to do with your car and keep it smoothly running on the roads.