Air Pressure: what should I know?

Air Pressure: what should I know?


General Maintenance

  • Check the air pressure of all four tyres monthly, including the spare.
  • Check your tyre pressure before making a long trip.


How to check tyre pressure?

  1. Press the pressure gauge into the valve stem on your tyre.
  2. The gauge will “pop” out or if a round gauge type will show a number that corresponds to the internal pressure in the psi number.
  3. The hissing sound is air escaping the tyre. Press firmly on the air pressure gauge on the valve until the hissing stops.
  4. Compare the measured psi to the recommended psi. Usually recommended  tyre pressures are located in log books or on the door pillar when you open your door.
  5. If the psi is above the recommended  number, let air out until they match. If it’s below, add air until it reaches the proper number.


How do I know the recommended pressure for my tyres?

  • In the vehicle owner’s manual (should be in the glovebox).
  • On a sticker on the driver’s door or the fuel tank door.


Regarding pressure gauges

  • Sometimes pressure gauges in a service station do not read properly.  If you want to make sure, buy a quality tyre pressure gauge and use that.


 Getting it right is important

  • Under-inflated or over-inflated tyres can wear down your tyres faster than expected, have reduced grip and can consume more fuel. It just takes a few minutes a month to help ensure your safety and the longevity of your tyres.