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Basic Tools For Fixing Cars
This guide is about all those simple and basic tools that are required for fixing your car by yourself. Sometimes minor damage in a car could stop your journey in an unsafe or remote place, and you may not find a car mechanic to get your car fixed and running. So, you need to keep these basic tools in your car and in your garage to fix your car by yourself.

Some of these tools can be brought along while some are hard, to carry and must be kept in your garage at a fixed place. While buying tools, make sure all tools are based on the metric system since car manufacturers follow the same standards. Also, some tools have a lifetime guarantee which may cost you a little more than a normal tool but you can get a new one for free if the old one wears off and nothing can beat that.

Here are some of the basic tools you need to fix your car.
Socket Set and Ratchet

Sockets are attached to the ratchet and are used to open various kinds of nuts and bolts. You can buy a decent set of sockets with a ratchet with discount rates and lifetime guarantee.

Car Jack

Jack is used for lifting the car up if you need to change the tires or fix your brakes etc. Jacks could be simply gear and screw drive based or hydraulic. Normally car companies provide jacks with their cars which are easy to carry around. But they have limited applications and can only be used for changing tires. There are other types i.e. low profile jack which though are hard to carry around but if you own one you can do numerous amount of jobs with it. Low profile jack can easy sneak under the car and can be easily jacked up. Low profile jacks can only be used for normal vehicles. For heavy vehicles, you use a plain jack. You also need Jack Stands if you need to fix parts underneath the vehicle. They are available in steel as well as aluminium. But since steel possesses more strength, it is advised to buy steel ones rather than aluminium ones even though they weigh less.


It is used to tighten up a nut or bolt. For tire studs, i.e. nuts, you can either use ratchet type wrench with sockets or pneumatic wrench which is based on air. But you need a compressor for that which can be expensive though it would make the job easier and save time.

Screw Drivers

They can be used to tighten various types of screw. They can either be manually operated or semi-automated i.e. battery powered. Screwdrivers are of various types i.e. Slotted, Philips, Torx, and Pozi. You never know which one you need so it is better to buy all of them since they all come in the same set. They are also available in different sizes, ranging from 4inches to 2ft long.


A hand tool used to hold an object firmly. They are of various types i.e. Lineman, Griping, Long Nose, etc., all these types are used for different applications and are very handy when it comes to using them.

Automotive Car Code Reader

This tool can be used for car models of the manufacturing year 1996 and above. It is a kind of scanner which when connected to car’s ECU, can tell what part or sensor is faulty or require sudden attention. Car sensors are given different codes. Each code represents a specific part or sensor. The automotive car code reader scans all codes, and if locates the problem displays the code. That code can then be googled and bought for replacement. You can see the working in the image below

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