Cool Trick to Start a Dead Car

Machines are made of different complex parts; all these parts work together to bring the machine into motion. The car is also a machine and is a combination of such complex parts. Though a real petrol head would frequently check all the parts and do the maintenance, still there are a couple of things that can go unnoticed and become a real problem at the end.

The problem we are addressing here in this guide is “What to do when you end up with a Dead Car?”. In simple words, a dead car is a one which doesn’t start when you turn the ignition switch on. You have to either jump start it or replace the battery.

To know more about why car ends up dead, first, we need to know more about the ignition system of the car.

Ignition System

I.G system’s function is to generate a high voltage using a battery which is sent to the spark plug; the spark plug produces a spark which ignites the air-fuel mixture and results in the engine running.

There are various components of an ignition component which are as follows;

  • Battery
  • Ignition Switch (connected to starter)
  • Distributor, Cap, and Coil
  • Ignition Coil

All these components work together to start the engine.

If by any means, car’s ignition system does not seem to work due to some issue i.e. no charge in battery or starter failure, you may need to jump start the car or tap the starter of the ignition system to start the car.

First, you need to know if your car’s battery is working properly or not. It is always easy to check the battery first rather than the starter, because all you need to do for checking the battery is, turn the ignition switch on and turn on your headlights. If your head lights are fully bright, your battery is doing good. If the headlights are going dim, then you need to change the battery or jump start your car if you are in an emergency.

To jump start the car you need another car battery. Take jumper cables, connect one end of the cable to the positive and negative terminals of the battery and the other two ends of the cable to your car battery. Make sure you place the positive terminal wire with the positive terminal of your car’s battery. Same goes for negative terminals. Once jumper cables are connected, try starting your car. If you succeed, you are good to go, if not then there is starter failure. This means the starter is not turning on and hence electrical signal is not being passed forward.


So now we need to fix the starter failure. Starter lies between the engine and the transmission i.e. on the flywheel. Or you can just follow the positive terminal of the battery which is connected to the starter.

Now that you have located the starter, you need to tap it with some metal long enough to reach the starter. Companies provide a handle with the car jack. That handle is made of metal and is long enough to reach the starter.

Try tapping the starter. When tapping the starter, be careful about the terminals of the starter else you may short circuit it. Once you are done with tapping the starter, try starting your car. If you have another person with you, ask him to keep tapping the starter while you sit on the driving seat and try starting the car.


This trick works quite often and would get you to a safe place. But this fix is temporary and may not work every time, so you need to change the starter permanently.