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How to remove and repair rust damage

It’s common to get rust around the lower portions of the car – what happens is a rock flies up from the wheels or another car and chips the paint. This causes the car to have exposed metal allowing for rust to form. Rust damage as soon as it is noticed either in the form of rust or a paint bubble should be fixed as soon as possible as the rust can spread throughout the entire panel which can be a costly mistake!

What are the basic steps to fix this yourself?
  • Spray down the area with isopropyl alcohol to remove any dust or oil as to not contaminate the metal below
  • Remove all the rust with an few centimetres into the metal without rust including all paint bubbling (remember to wear a face mask!) with very course sandpaper
  • If the area is heavily rusted through the metal sheet then apply an adhesive patch!
  • Don’t forget to sand the other side of the plate metal (underneath the car)
  • Hammer the sheet metal to create a dent so the filler doesn’t cause a bubble (If it’s a small area you can hammer a flathead screwdriver
  • Apply a undercoat containing a Rust reformer and Rubberised coating to the undercarriage of the vehicle
  • Apply a body patch mesh to the area underneath the rusted area to fill in any holes
  • Fill the area with fibre glass strand filler which will give greater strength and protection
  • Sand the filler to smooth it out
  • Spray and wipe the area with isopropyl alcohol before painting
  • Paint over with colour matched paint

Although this process can be very time consuming you can always bring your vehicle into GDM Wrecking to get this fixed up for you!

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