How to Repair Power Window on Your Ford (2004 – 2008 models)

Things you will need:

The things that you’ll need to repair the power window issue on your Ford vehicle are just a couple of basic tools. If you’re one of those guys who love to repair things in their home, car and etc., you should probably have these tools. And if not, then these are easily available at a hardware store.

  1. Tin Snips
  2. Four different sockets. (10 mm, 6mm, 730 seconds and 516)
  3. Container
  4. Clamp
  5. Needle nose pliers
  6. Flat blade screwdriver
  7. Putty knife
  8. Socket wrench
  9. Little piece of sheet metal


Step 1: Remove all the Screws

  • Remove the screws from the door.
  • There are two 6 mm screws located at the bottom side of the door panel.
  • After that, take off the panel that is holding the window buttons. Remember to not just pull the panel out directly.
  • You’ll find two connected cable harnesses that you need to pull out first.
  • Now you can take the panel out and put it aside.
  • You’ll find one more screw inside that panel area.
  • Remove it.
  • You’ll find one more screw inside the door handle area. Remove that as well.


Step 2: Remove the Door Panel

  • Now that you’ve removed all the screws. You can remove the door panel.
  • In order to do that, you’ll have to pull out the speaker first.
  • Use a putty knife to pull out the speaker cover.
  • Be gentle with it. Don’t just pull it right off. The cover is made of plastic so you don’t want to break anything in there.
  • To pull out the speaker you’ll have to remove the screws first.
  • After that unplug the harness connected with the speaker and take the speaker out.
  • Now you’ll find little plastic covers from where you removed the speaker screws that you need to take off.
  • You might break one of these so make sure you get one of these from your Ford dealer before you do this process.
  • You’ll have to pull these out using a needle nose pliers.
  • You can now just the lift the whole door panel and pull it out.
  • You’ll notice the door handle connected to the panel.
  • Just pull it out from the back side using a flat blade screwdriver.
  • And that’s that. You can now take out the door panel and put it aside.


Step 3: Pull the Glass Window out

  • You’ll notice a plastic cover on the inside when you pull out the door panel.
  • Just take the plastic cover off.
  • Now, you’ll have to remove four 10 mm bolts from the door. They are installed in a square pattern. Easy to locate.
  • You just to loosen up these 4 bolts.
  • After that you can pull the glass window up.
  • Just pull it halfway up and clamp it there while you remove the screws that connect the glass with the regulator.
  • There are two screws connected that are basically located inside the door. In the hole compartment. And the other where the speaker is kept.
  • After you remove the screw you can pull the glass window all the way up and clamp it.
  • At the left side of the door handle area, there is a hole. You’ll have to remove a screw inside that hole.
  • Now locate a 10 mm bolt exactly at the center of the door. Remove it.


Step 4: Take out the Contraption

  • Pull the whole contraption out by lifting it up inside the door and then taking it all out.
  • Unplug the motor connector.


Step 5: Fix the Regulator/Contraption

  • Mostly the reason behind all this is that one of the cables just pulls out.
  • Pull out the connector (white color) you see on the contraption (will be in the middle) where the cable can’t reach anymore or came out of.
  • You’re going to use a little piece of sheet metal, wrap it around the wire and fix it in that connector again. Just place the wire in it and fold the sheet metal around it so that it won’t move.
  • This is a tricky part now and might take a lot of effort to do. You’re going to pull the cable from the other side and fix in the connector. You’re going to have to pull it really hard to make it reach and fix.
  • Once it’s installed and all tighten up. Fix the connector back on the contraption.


Step 6: Reinstall the Contraption

  • Connect the motor harness.
  • Place the contraption inside the door.
  • Install all the screws back in the order you took them out.
  • Install the speaker back.
  • Fix the cover, door panel and everything back.
  • And that is it.