What sort of cars do we look for?

There is not a type or make of car that we look for.  We are interested in all types of cars.  Even if it has a broken engine or gearbox, we might still be interested in it.  Depends on supply and demand.  But we will take the unwanted cars from the back yard, or unfinished projects that people have lost interest in.


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About GDM Wrecking

GDM Wrecking is a family-owned auto recycling business that has been operating since 1972. Located in southbrisbane we specialize in recycling all makes and models of cars. We sell Ford Parts, Holden Parts, Toyota Parts, Mazda Parts, Nissan Parts and many more, and all spare parts purchased come with a warranty! GDM Wrecking can supply quality used panels which include doors, guards, bonnets, bumper bars, bootlids, tailgates and many more. GDM Wreckers also have quality second hand engines, gearboxes and differentials which come with a warranty.

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  • (07) 3277 3222

  • 7:30AM - 5:00PM

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