6 Auto Parts That Can Be Easily Recycled


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6 Auto Parts That Can Be Easily Recycled

The most basic car maintenance frequently requires the removal and replacement of its old parts. Few of the car parts have a unique identity and get easily recycled for further usage. Many of the car users prefer to use recyclable car parts as it is quite cost-effective and easy to use.

Listed below which have the property to get easily recycled -

1. Oil and its filters

  • Improperly discarded motor oil leads to contaminated soil and water sources, which can be used further by other vehicles.
  • Every filter contains approximately one pound of steel which if taken to a recycling center that accepts them, the filters are fully drained of excess oil and get reused in the steel manufacturing unit.
  • The used oil filter in a sealed plastic bag, which can get easily accepted for recycling.

2. Auto glass

  • Broken windshields often pile up in landfills because the glass component is sealed between two layers of protective plastic.
  • Technological developments have made it easier to remove recyclable glass, and many windshield replacement companies partner with recycling centers to repurpose the glass.
  • There are even companies aiming to reduce waste by specializing in automotive glass recycling and it can be transformed into fiberglass insulation, concrete blocks, glass bottles, and many other forms.

3. Tires

  • Tires are non-degradable, so they take up a lot of space at dumping sites if they’re not recycled, and burning the tires can pollute the air with toxins.
  • Tires removed in good condition so it is the most preferred recycled spare parts that can be reused and made into brand new tires.
  • Tires that cannot be reused in any way can still be recycled and repurposed as fuel, artificial playground turf, and bring old tires to the nearest recycling center to combat the buildup of unnecessary waste.

4. Engine and its related system parts

  • Engines and several of their related parts have great longevity and can be remanufactured after removal.
  • Engines can be easily dismantled, cleaned, reconditioned, and sold again for use in future vehicle manufactures.
  • Many car mechanics will even rebuild damaged or discarded engines with advanced technology and materials to make them more efficient and environmentally friendly
  • Some of the car tires have a way higher value than any other of its parts.

  • 5. Scrap metal

  • Scrap metal is one of the easiest materials to recycle and easily get from a ruptured car.
  • Every metal part on your car can be melted down and turned into something else and scrap yards will weigh and price a car based on the metal can easily fetch through it.
  • Once specific parts are removed for recycling or other forms of disposal, what’s left of the car will be crushed into unrecognizable metal cubes.

  • 6. Batteries and other useful electronics

  • Car batteries and other electronics often contain lead and other chemicals that can contaminate the environment if dumped in a dumping zone in larger amounts.
  • Many car batteries are taken for recycling, the battery is put through a machine and broken into small pieces and preferred as the most used car parts and found completely in reusable condition.
  • Many states require auto shops to send old batteries back to manufacturers or recycling centers for safe disposal. For car owners, many of the states also promote a law that rewards people who exchange old batteries for new ones.
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