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Free Cars Removal

Free Car Removals in Brisbane
  • Free car removals, all unwanted cars are removed for free, whether it be a scrap car removal or an accident damaged car removal we’ll do it for free.
  • We’ll remove unwanted old cars, those that you have inherited when you bought the house.
  • We specialize in the removal of all types of vehicles, scrap, accident, we’ll remove them for free, no hidden charges, you point we remove, that easy.

Another advantage of using our dependable scrap free car removal Brisbane removal services is that we provide trouble-free vehicle towing services within a certain area. They are provided both promptly and on the same day. This way we make sure to offer simple and quick auto removal of all sorts of unwanted automobiles. Moreover, our old car removal crew don't charge even a single penny for our auto removal services. So, if you want to get an amazingly convenient vehicle removal experience, please contact us today to get the most cash for car. Our professional staff will quickly respond to all enquiries. Just mention Sell my car when you want to get rid of your vehicle. And remember, it is free car removal Brisbane area.

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Car removal

Environmentally friendly car removal, disposal & recycling

As well as paying the best price for your vehicle, and offering free vehicle removal anywhere in Brisbane, we do care about our environment. We all know that the removal of scrap automobiles is healthy for the environment, as long as it's done in an eco-friendly manner. We make sure that we follow the most ethical and sustainable techniques when we properly dismantle and dispose of the various pollutants present in damaged vehicles. This includes petrol, coolant, brake fluid, engine oil, and useless parts. Every part and component that is in usable condition is added to our inventory for later sale. This ensures that the second hand parts are eventually reused in other working automobiles. Your old vehicle could also be part of your next electrical appliance, television, new car as parts are recycled to their base components. Our skilled staff persistently works to refine our policies and procedures so as to ensure that we are helping the environment to stay clean. GDM Wrecking does not charge, it is free car removal Brisbane area.

We take care of all the legal paperwork procedures

Our experienced counter staff always make it easy for our clients to sell their vehicles for money with as little stress as possible. Therefore, we take care to complete all the important documentation involved in the ownership transfer of all kinds of registered and deregistered automobiles. You can sell us your vehicle quickly without being worried about the paperwork. This will obviously save you time and money. Once GDM Wrecking has arranged to buy your vehicle and give you cash for car, we arrange a friendly tow truck driver to pickup your vehicle at a time suited to you. Once the vehicle is back at our premises, we do a security check on the vehicle and do up all the necessary paperwork so you can get paid and sign the relevant paperwork when you are here in the shortest amount of time.

Junk Car Removal
Sell Junk Car

We buy junk cars of all popular brands

There are many car wrecking companies around Brisbane that are involved in the same business. However, some of them are restricted to buying automobiles from only some particular brands. Unlike those companies, we have not restricted our buying habits to some specific brand models. We always strive to buy all brands and regular buying Japanese, European, Australian, Korean & many more brands and their models. GDM Wrecking are the unwanted car buyers Brisbane experts. And for those older vehicles, we are old car buyers Brisbane experts as well.

We Buy Cars in Any Condition

When selling a vehicle using the more traditional options, it is common knowledge that the worse its condition, the harder it is to sell. This isn't so when selling to us. We will buy your car even if it has been completely wrecked in an accident and it is free car removal Brisbane area. The reason why has to do with the inherent value that is in all junk cars. Each scrap vehicle will have at least a few parts that can be salvaged and sold at a later date. The same goes for scrap steel. We want those parts and steel, and we will buy any junk car that we are offered to get them. If your old car has been sitting in your yard or under the house for a few months, even years, contact GDM Wrecking now on 07 3277 3222 to arrange removal of your vehicle and pay you a fair price.

Car Removal Brisbane
Sell Scrap Car

Contact GDM Wrecking now

Simply give us a call at 07 3277 3222, or sell your car online by filling out the quote request form on our website. We respond to all inquiries very quickly, and you will have a free quote in no time. Please make sure that you should have all the vehicle's details handy, including VIN number, current condition & age of the vehicle. Our quotes are obligation-free. Contact us today and find out how much cash we can pay for your vehicle!

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