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Common Ford Falcon Parts Issues

If your Ford Falcon FG is leaving streaks on the windscreen with using the wipers or not performing correctly, you may have to change your wiper blades. For a Ford Falcon FG, it is quite easy to do. You will need a knife or scissors, pliers and 2 replacement wiper blades. Most automotive stores (Repco, Supercheap, etc) carry the parts you need for the Ford Falcon FG.
Firstly, you need to remove the old wiper blades from your FG Falcon.
  • Lift the wiper arm upwards from the windscreen, the wiper arm should be standing up from the windscreen by itself. The wiper arm is on a pivot assembly.
  • Removing the old blade is a simple process. At one end of the wiper blade, there will be a clip, squeeze the clip with the pair of pliers and slide or pull the wiper blade out of the assembly (you may or may not need the pliers for this)
  • Slide the new wiper blade into the wiper assembly all the way until the clip locks into place (basically the opposite of what you did to remove the old wiper blade)
  • Cut off the wiper blade that you do not need (do not cut too close to the edge of the wiper assembly)
  • Lower the wiper assembly gently back onto the windscreen
  • Repeat for the other wiper blade
If you have to replace the wiper assembly on your Ford Falcon FG
  • Lift the wiper arm assembly upwards from the windscreen so that the wiper arm is standing up from the windscreen
  • In the middle of the wiper blade assembly, there will be a pivot/hinge with a hook. Underneath the hook will be a clip, push on the clip which will release the wiper blade, remove the blade by sliding towards the hook. You should now be able to remove the adaptor from the blade.
  • Put the adaptor on the new wiper blade and slide the new wiper blade onto the hook until you hear a click.
  • Lower the whole wiper assembly back onto the windscreen
  • Repeat for the other side.

If you have any trouble replacing the wiper blades, some automotive stores where you buy the replacement wiper blades for your Ford Falcon FG will replace them for you while you wait.

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