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Ford Falcon – Power Steering Hose Leakage Issues

If you own a 6-cylinder Ford Falcon AU series (1998 to 2002) you may have experienced a common issue with these Ford Falcon models, an oil leakage from the elevated pressure line in the power steering pump. The main reason behind this issue is the worn O ring at the end of the pipe.

When there is a power steer leak, you could lose your power steering. Without power steering on your car, it might seem like you have to be Arnold Schwarzenegger to turn the steering wheel. If you do not want to take it to a mechanic and feel like having a go at fixing it yourself, read on to see how it is done. If you hear a whirring noise, it could be an indicator that you have low power steering fluid. Top up the power steer reservoir and the noise should stop. If it continues to need topping up, there is a leak somewhere and you will need to find and fix it.

Oil leakage from the nut that is located on the high-pressure pipe at the pump.

When the Ford engine is operating under normal conditions, the motion wears off the ring in the nut. If this problem is not fixed, it can further damage the power steering pump and the Falcon’s alternator as well. These parts are quite expensive so it is strongly recommended that you fix the leakage. Some parts you can get from an Auto Recyclers store. If you need second hand parts, maybe search for Ford Parts Brisbane. Someone may have to cut the nut off the pipe in order to replace the original O-ring inside it, which is a difficult and a risky job. Risky, because the steel line, once damaged, will not allow the nut to be sealed properly on the end of the pipe. The Ultimate Power Steering Stock is a hose that was designed as a solution for this issue. It allows simple replacement of the O-ring and fixes the leakage completely. If the repair ends up being too costly and it is not cost effective to fix, you might want to consider cash for cars, that is it might be cheaper to sell your car for cash then to fix it if there are other major repairs that need to be done.

How to Replace the Leaking Hose?

  1. First off, remove the original high pressure pipe from the steering pump. Use a wrench to loosen the nut that has the O-ring inside it, at the end of the pipe.
  2. Take off the adapter nut that goes in the back of the pump using a wrench. You won’t need this adapter when you fix the new high pressure hose as it goes straight in the pump.
  3. Release the nut off the high pressure line from pinion housing of the steering rack.
  4. Replace the O-rings on the high pressure line with the new ones at both ends.
  5. Install this hose with new O-rings and tighten the nuts.
  6. Put fresh oil in the reservoir and start the engine.
  7. Check for leaks in the nuts at the pump end and the pinion housing as well.
  8. The nuts should be nice and dry.

If there is a leak, check all connections to see where the leak is coming from. The last thing you want is to have a slight leak and not check it. Worse case scenario is when you are driving after a while, the leak becomes worse and eventually causes damage over time. There is also the unsightly mess of fluid on the ground from where you park your car and no one wants that.

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