Guide for Replacement of Toyota Yaris 2006-2011 Cabin Air Filter


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Guide for Replacement of Toyota Yaris 2006-2011 Cabin Air Filter

This guide is for the replacement of Toyota Yaris Cabin Air Filter and can only be used for models 2006-2011. Some cars may resemble this method of replacement but do not try it, there may be some complications involved for which this guide is not responsible in any way. The method explained below can also be used to approach other parts of Toyota Yaris 2006-2011 Air Conditioning system as well. Before getting into the replacement process, let’s learn a thing or two about a car’s Air Conditioning System also known as HVAC.

What is HVAC System in term of automotive?

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning or HVAC, is a system which controls the ambient environment, that is, temperature and airflow of the passenger’s compartment.

Why change the Cabin Air Filter?

Cabin air filter is responsible for all the air that enters in the passenger compartment. If it is damaged or dirty, for example if its filled with dust or smog, it would not clean the air properly, causing unpleasant smell and loud air noises due to choking. The replacement depends on the condition of the Cabin Air Filter. Damaged Air Filters are worn out; you can easily tell by the looks of it. However, if it is in good condition, all you got to do is clean it and reinstall it. For cleaning the old filter read the steps at the end of this guide

  • When detaching the glove compartment and protective lid, handle with some extra care. A little mishap may damage the hinges or clips.
  • Do wear goggles and facemask. The Cabin Air Filter may contain some contagious material.
  • Find a safe suitable spot if you are to clean the air filter, the removed dust may spread diseases.
  • Do not rush in taking out the air filter from its box or else you would make your car’s interior dirty.
  • There is a small rectangle shape sign made on the crossed-lines pattern face of the protective lid that says “UP”. When re-clipping, clip the lid back by keeping this in mind. This rectangle shows the correct side to clipping.
STEP 1: Getting Ready
  • Open the passenger side door.
  • Open the glove compartment.
STEP 2: Removing Glove Compartment
  • Since the air filter is located behind the glove compartment. You need to detach it, in order to approach the air filter.
  • First, hold both sides of the glove compartment. Press them and pull it towards the hinge side, that is, outwards.
  • With this, you will have detached the glove compartment successfully.

STEP 3: Removing Cabin Air Filter
  • Now above the heater motor, you can see a small rectangular box. This is where you will find your car’s Cabin Air Filter.
  • This box is protected by a crossed-lines pattern protective lid.
  • You have to remove this lid in order to replace your Cabin Air Filter.
  • The lid holds the box by small clips at each side. Open the clips at one side by slowly pushing it. The other end comes off by itself.
  • You will have now removed the protective lid.
STEP 4: Taking out Air Filter
  • With the lid removed, now you can clearly see the Air Filter inside the box.
  • The Air Filter is not fixed to anything so you can easily take it out.


You can either clean the old filter here or replace it with new one. It all depends on the condition of your car’s air filter.

How to clean Cabin Air Filter?
  • First, find a suitable spot and by using air blower or air compressor, blow the dust out of the Air Filter.
  • Using a soft brush and some warm soapy water, further clean the Air Filter. You would notice all the dust water being drained.
  • Let the Air Filter to dry once its properly cleaned.
  • Your old Cabin Air Filter is now restored to its original condition with all its glory and is now ready to be reinstalled
STEP 5: Reinstalling Air Filter
  • After replacement, it is time to reinstall the air filter.
  • Insert the air filter into the box with its fins facing upwards and long side towards the box inlet.
  • Make sure the air filter is completely inside the box.
  • Now close the protective lid by first clipping its one end and then the other, in their respective positions.
  • Now reattach the glove compartment by holding it upwards. Insert the hinge and push it inwards.

And that’s that, you have successfully replaced your car’s Cabin Air Filter without spending a single buck.

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