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How to change a Holden VZ v6 commodore drive / accessory belt.

  • You will need a 7mm socket to loosen x2 clamps on the air intake pipe from between the air box / air flow meter and the intake manifolds throttle body.
  • Then you will need to pull off the small PCV (positive crankcase ventilation) hose on the air intake pipe. Remove air intake pipe.
  • Before beginning to remove the Holden VZ Commodore drive belt, it can be a good idea to draw a quick sketch of the belts positioning on each component and idler pulley to ensure its correct re-instalment.
  • Use a ½ inch drive breaker bar (preferable tool as it requires less force to lever) with a small 3-inch extension. Slot it into the drive belt tensioners allocated hole on the correct angle to lever the tensioner back releasing the pressure off the drive belt. Once slackened off remove belt, (usually found easiest lifting belt from alternator or one of the idler pulleys) Once belt is popped off you can release tensioner.
  • Align new belt in the correct position on each pulley, (referring to sketch if required) leaving one part of the belt still off around the area it was first removed from for easier re-instalment. Once positioned, using the breaker bar take up the tension of the drive belt tensioner allowing for the belt to be fitted back into place.
  • Finally, refit the VZ Commodores Air Intake Pipe, PCV hose and fasten x2 clamps. Finished

We hope this small guide will help you understand how to successfully change a Holden VZ v6 Commodore accessory belt.

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