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No matter what model of the Holden Commodore you own, each of them performs efficiently if it is serviced regularly.

5 checks every week to keep your Holden Commodore good as new

  • First off, park your Holden Commodore on a level ground.
  • Your Holden Commodore’s engine must be warm, give it a few minutes so that the oil is settled.
  • Pull the dipstick out and clean it with a cloth.
  • Insert it again and after around 4-5 seconds, take it out.
  • Make sure the oil is within those two circular marks on the dipstick. If not, refill the engine’s oil.

Checking the Engine Oil Level

  • Make sure your Commodore’s tires are cold.
  • Remove the valve cover from the tire.
  • To check the pressure, put the tire gauge on the valve stem.
  • Make sure that the pressure matches the one mentioned on the placard found inside the car’s door.
  • Repeat the same procedure for the tires.

Checking the Air Conditioning

  • You just have to turn on the AC for a couple of minutes every week, especially in the winter season.
  • For hay fever issues, you can ask your dealer if your vehicle can get a pollen filter in its system.

Checking the Brake Fluid

  • First off, check the brake fluid level through the tank without taking the cover off.
  • The fluid level must be in between the minimum and maximum lines.
  • If there is a dropping in the fluid level, go to your Holden dealer ASAP to get it fixed.

Checking the Engine Coolant

  • Refer to the instructional guide of your vehicle to locate the coolant tank.
  • DO NOT open this tank if the engine is hot.
  • Always, check the coolant level before starting the engine. When it’s cold.
  • Make sure you use a Holden Commodore suggested coolant with clean water.
  • The ratio of the mixture can be found in the instructional guide of your Holden Commodore model.
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